Training & Workshops to Improve Workplace Mental Health


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Why Choose Our Courses?

When mental health issues are not addressed and treated appropriately, there can be considerable personal and financial costs to individuals and organizations. Fortunately, with prevention, early treatment and support, many of these costs can be significantly reduced or eliminated.

Our Wellness Works education suite provides the workshops, courses and presentations your workplace needs to help your team learn more about mental health. You will learn to improve your own wellness, manage stress and support others living with mental health concerns.

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Why Choose CMHA Peel Dufferin?

At CMHA Peel Dufferin, we offer a variety of mental health programs and services and are dedicated to helping people recover from mental illness, build resiliency and participate in the life of the community.

We are committed to community development, mental health education and awareness, and addressing the stigma surrounding mental illness. 

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